Filtro Renova



Filtro Renova is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin

Especially beneficial to treat Seborrheic skin, enlarged pores, dark spots, cellulite and ageing skin. It will also provide a lightening effect on the skin. This product can be used on the Face and Body.

Filtro Renova activates the circulation immediately and removes the dead cells on the epidermis, It activates the metabolism generating young & healthy skin cells. The regenerating process of the skin Is accelerated.

Treatments should be performed by a professional every 15 days.

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Filtro Renova Skin Treatment should be done by professionals only and this product is available only for Professionals. Please Login to your Professional Account. 

Product Details

Instructions For Use


  • Cleanse skin with a mild cleanser, we recommend Sandra Plasencia’s Chamomile Cleanser
  • Tone the skin, we recommend using Sandra Plasencia’s RE VIVE ginseng Mineral Toner
  • Mix ampoule #1 powder and #1 solution in a small bowl and create a homogeneous mix
  • Apply the mix to the skin with a brush and start massaging it into the skin with circular movements
  • After a minute of massaging the mix, tart pressing with the hands against the skin, for about two minutes
  • Leave the solution in the skin for 10-15 minutes. Cover with gauze or cotton to prevent moisture lost
  • Remove the Filtro Renova mix completely from the skin with gauze and water

Note: Make sure that there is no residue left.


  • Apply ampoule #2 and massage it lightly into the skin for a calming effect
  • Half of the ampoule can be given to the client to be used at home if necessary


  • Apply Ampoule #3 to regenerate the skin, keep adding the solution to the skin
  • Give your client at least one Ampoule #3  to use at home sparingly
  • Finish up the treatment with Sandra Plasencia’s Advanced Sun protection


  • Treatments should be performed by a professional
  • Do not use it on broken skin or skin that has any kind of open lesions
  • Discontinue use if any allergies appear
  • Keep away from the eyes, if the product gets into the eyes, rinse with water immediately
  • Keep Out of the reach of children. For external use only

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